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Implus Acquires Kako ICEtrekkers

Implus is proud to announce the company’s acquisition of Kako ICEtrekkers, a leading provider of heavy duty footwear traction devices that includes the ICEtrekkers Spikes, Chains, and Diamond Grip lines. This latest addition to the Implus family of brands directly complements its Yaktrax line and the markets it serves.

“We are thrilled to be folding the Kako ICEtrekkers line of footwear traction devices into our product offerings, as they have been very successful in the outdoor and safety industrial markets and are a perfect complement to the Yaktrax brand,” said Steve Couder, Vice President of Yaktrax. “As the traction category has grown, it has become apparent that many retailers would prefer to carry multiple brands to provide their customers with options, and with this acquisition we can now offer those options to retailers.”

The most popular model in the ICEtrekkers line is the Diamond Grip traction device, constructed with patented Diamond beads that have hundreds of biting edges for unparalleled grip in snow, ice and mud conditions. The steel Diamond beads are strung on steel aircraft cable and affixed to a hearty rubber sling that keeps the device securely fastened to the shoe or boot. Kako ICEtrekkers have been mostly popular amongst the safety industrial market to date, but they have seen significant growth in the retail market over the last couple of years as well.

The acquisition of Kako ICEtrekkers brings yet another active brand under the Implus umbrella of innovative footcare and outdoor accessory brands. Over the last two years, the company has successfully acquired and grown three major brand expansions: Highgear, a leader in innovative and affordable outdoor electronics, Sneaker Balls, a line of sports air fresheners, and Perfect Fitness, a market leader in home gym/fitness equipment.

About Implus Footcare, LLC

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Jul 23, 2012
Research Triangle Park, NC